Join innovative and intelligent students like you in the pursuit of a world-class degree in Arts and 科学. Our faculty offers over 21 areas of study ranging from 生物学 to 社会学 so no matter where your passion is we have a program for you.

  • Engage with some of the best educators and thought leaders with Nipissing small class sizes.
  • Benefit from personalized attention and in some cases even participate in graduate-level research.
  • Experience a truly unique setting with state-of-the-art facilities nestled in 256 acres of pristine forest.
  • If you love the outdoors and looking for a quality education Nipissing is for you
  • Guaranteed single room in residence for first year students admitted from high school


On behalf of our faculty and staff, I would like to extend a warm welcome to you all.

The 文理学院 is a community of engaging professors, 学习者, 和校友, 教育不只是达到目的的手段, but a path to an abundance of future possibilities and new beginnings.

The 文理学院 offers a wide variety of undergraduate programs. Our programs are taught by professors who are well-known for their research and teaching excellence, 个性化的方法, and engaging pedagogies that will inspire your academic interests and guide you to success.

We offer over 26 Majors and 30 Minors, 16 certificates, and exciting internship opportunities. 我们的项目覆盖不同的领域, 包括人类学, 生物学, 儿童与家庭研究, 古典研究, 计算机科学, 经济学, 英语学习, 环境地理, 美术, 性别平等和社会正义, 地理位置, 历史, 文科, 自由的科学, 数学, 本土研究, 哲学, 心理学, 宗教和文化, 社会福利和社会发展, 政治科学, 和社会学.

我们的应用行为分析证书, 本土领导, 考古监控, 双语, 数字人文, 环境管理, 森林资源管理, 游戏设计与开发, 测绘学, 健康研究, 神经科学, 和平与暴力预防研究, 或国家暴力研究, 提供大量的微型认证机会.

我们也提供历史方面的研究生课程, 数学, 应用社会学, 环境研究, 和环境科学.

Exploring life-important and life-changing questions about our environment, 人类, 大数据, 道德, 健康和社会, 技术, 股本, 包容性和多样性, our programs emphasize the importance of learning with integrity.

加入我们敬业的学习者社区, a community that aspires to making a difference in the world, 归属感和学习在哪里合二为一.



The 文理学院 is pleased to announce a new initiative that supports the transition from high school to university. Students will have an opportunity to take unique courses that inspire curiosity and provide an open dialogue for discovery. This pathway is intended for students who are determined to earn a university education but have faced challenges in an academic environment. 通过我们的定制类, students gain the skills and knowledge required for continued success as they work towards their Bachelor of Arts or 科学 degree. The pathway admits students applying directly from secondary school who have an average below the 70% admission requirement.



Please note that the French Placement Test is no longer a requirement to register in French courses for 21FW.

If you wish to enrol in FREN-1106 Introductory French I and have no knowledge of French you are encouraged to contact the Chair of the French Department, 理查德Wenghofer在 richardw@eszn.org 寻求许可. 如果得到批准, the Chair will inform the 办公室 of the Registrar and you will be notified that you can proceed with registering for Introductory French I. 

It is strongly recommended that students enrolling in the French Minor at Nipissing大学 with grade 12 core French enrol in FREN-1106 Introductory French I, while those who have graduated from a French immersion or fully French secondary school enrol in FREN-2006 Intermediate French I. 

If you wish to enrol in FREN-2006 Intermediate French I and have not completed Introductory French you are encouraged to contact the Chair of the French Department, 理查德Wenghofer在 richardw@eszn.org to request exemption from this prerequisite requirement. 如果得到批准, the Chair will inform the 办公室 of the Registrar and you will be notified that you can proceed with registering for Intermediate French. 


Students of Nipissing大学 are eligible for a 双语能力证书 if they demonstrate superior ability in French and English.

请注意:  你必须在毕业那年参加这个考试.

申请截止日期:  2021年10月29日,星期五

笔试:  稍后通知

口试: 稍后通知

测试费用:  $45 

Application forms are available through the 文理学院院长 办公室 at asdean@eszn.org.



UNIV 3006 从实践经验中学习 for Arts and 科学 Students

“I hear and I forget, I see and I remember, I do and I understand.“孔子

Experiential learning is an effective medium that enhances and reinforces classroom learning. 除了, 沟通领域的技能和能力, 团队合作, 分析, 职业道德, and problem solving are all learning outcomes that assist with finding the right career path for you.

Third and fourth year Arts and 科学 Students will be interested in our 3 credit course, UNIV 3006 从实践经验中学习 for Arts and 科学 Students. 在这门课, academic assignments and at least 60 hours of placement in the community within a field that is related to your course of study is offered.


艺术的体验学习 & 科学 Program (ELAS) is an exclusive project between Student Development & 服务,北湾 & District Chamber of Commerce (NBDCC) and the 教师 of Arts & 科学. This project focuses on providing students with hands-on learning experiences directly related to their academic interests.




If you are eager to get involved beyond the classroom, take part in the annual 本科研究会议, which gives you the opportunity to present your work to peers, professors, and family members.

You may also have opportunity to work as a 研究 Assistant to help a professor conduct research and gain valuable experience at the same time.

本科生任何本科学科的学生, who has worked on a scholarly project in which s/he has taken a leadership role in its development and execution, 有资格参加这次会议吗. Proposals can be disciplinary specific or multi/interdisciplinary.


Students enrolled in the Nipissing大学 Promise program will be invited to return to Nipissing, 学费免费, for up to 30 additional credits if six months after completing their four-year undergraduate degree program with a 70 percent average and all required elements of the program, 他们没有获得与职业相关的工作.

欲了解更多信息,请访问 Nipissing承诺.


Involvement and experiential learning lead to more personal and academic success by connecting classroom learning to real world experience. Volunteer on your campus and within the community and be officially recognized for all that you do. The 学生发展记录 (RSD) documents that you have completed a series of involvement outcomes that all employers are looking for. Achieving all the competencies associated with the RSD will help you communicate the depth of your experiences as you apply to career opportunities.

Employers are looking for people with the following proven abilities:

  • 分析技巧
  • 沟通技巧
  • 解决问题的能力
  • 强烈的职业道德
  • 团队合作

To register and see the full list of RSD competencies visit www.eszn.org /相对标准偏差


Students attending Nipissing大学 in North Bay and long distance students are members of the Nipissing大学 Student Union. Our organization strives to represent students democratically, 提供通信框架, and lobby for legislative change on issues that affect students.


Exercise and healthy competition always help to clear the mind.


Nipissing’s 体育运动 Department offers a wide range of intramural activities to keep you on your game


Club sports are available to all Nipissing students and are both recreational and competitive.


去湖人! 我们的校队运动员总是能打出最好的成绩. Get your friends together and come out to cheer on your favourite teams.


Whether you are a gym enthusiast or a weekend warrior, Nipissing has just what you need.


The following is a list of student related 学术 Polices and 规定 as approved by 学术参议院.